TAGA Diagnostic
This diagnostic needs assessment targets the power and potential of your organization as well as the challenges and opportunities you may now hope to confront. Take the organizational temperature and pulse to drive discovery of the critical issues you most need to address. Note themes, patterns, and their interdependent impact. Begin to formulate desired direction. Think appropriate action and probable solutions.

TAGA is prepared to advance your business success, performance perspective, and decisive execution for all critical, strategic domains you select for potential intervention and investment.  Before you get started think about:

What have you witnessed or experienced in your organization?
For each statement, please select the response that most accurately reflects how you feel now.

There is no credible, clearly communicated, resourced, and owned business vision and strategy.
There is no credible, clearly communicated work culture change and “human capital” strategy to drive all talent management, retention, team and cross-functional synergies.
The full leadership/management chain is perceived as significantly credible, visible sponsors and stewards of organizational success.
The organization is poorly structured and culturally misaligned to excel and  sustain marketplace success.
“Politics” and “favoritism” prevail: It’s not what you know but who you know that drives too much placement, development, and opportunity access/utilization.
Specific workforce groups feel significantly disrespected, marginal, excluded, or invisible.
Departments and teams function in “silo” mentality – like a “bunch of individuals” with excessive competition, separate agendas, and inappropriate conflict.
There are significant legacy practices and profiles, “sacred cows” and dysfunctional “unwritten rules” that stifle collaboration and effective performance.
We are a fairly “closed culture”: There is significant "cloning", "group think", and resistance to innovative thought – impacting our talent demographics, utilization, and problem-solving execution.
Performance metrics and resources are not matched to current and future business challenges.
Multi-cultural skills and diverse perspectives are not yet established and leveraged routinely throughout the organization.
The organizational future is fairly problematic and cloudy, even bleak: We don’t anticipate change or adapt swiftly and well. When things do change, we tend to chase the tide and resurface the same old tactical reactions.
TAGA is prepared to assist you to channel the full power and potential of your organization throughout all aspects of your particular business opportunity, dilemma, or endeavor. Completing the Quick Diagnostic is an essential first step to determine the potential intervention and investment in change.  Upon receipt of your results, a TAGA consultant will contact you for further discussion.



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