About TAGA
Our business is helping your organization deliver premier performance. This takes knowledge and expertise about the way people and organizations really work. That’s where TAGA excels. TAGA trusts that you, too, aspire to leadership and organizational excellence, to winning, to a business vision of premier performance. We welcome the opportunity to guide your transformation and success.

+ We help clients translate strategy into actionable leadership
+ We help clients make insightful decisions and transformative change
+ We help clients develop and retain world-class talent and leaders
+ We help clients mobilize people to achieve business goals
+ We help clients effectively implement sustainable solutions

Our Values
TAGA values guide our daily commitment and are reflected in every thing we do. The value-added solutions we deliver are far more than words on a page. Ask our clients, partners, associates, or just watch us at work:

+ We help clients effectively implement sustainable solutions

  Our Leadership
TAGA’s Leadership Team oversees all strategic direction, client development, and service delivery for TAGA providing strategic counsel to Fortune 500 enterprises and executives nationwide. Our consultants assist clients to anticipate and respond decisively to complex challenges, design high performance goals, develop the accountabilities to achieve them, and establish the systems to track and reinforce their progress. TAGA teams draw upon systems-thinking, communications, and human dynamics expertise to deliver distinctive executive, management, and organizational change solutions:


  Our Evolution
TAGA Consulting developed from “Interface Associates”, a 1976 part-time consulting and coaching service, devoted to the application of systems thinking to the transformation of individuals, families, and selected public sector institutions.

Thomas A. Gordon, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist and college professor, and several multi-disciplined, culturally diverse colleagues created and delivered diagnostic, therapeutic, and active learning programs to challenge institutional and individual clients to change.

We taught clients to confront, not symptoms, but root dysfunctions; to choose, not momentary relief, but more enduring, sustainable solutions. Across complex dilemmas and life “interfaces”, our clients rebuilt skills and perspective as well as developed reliable capacities for performance navigation.

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