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Thomas A. Gordon
Founder & Principal

Professional Background
Tom Gordon provides strategic counsel to Fortune 500 enterprises and executives globally.
Tom assists clients to anticipate and respond decisively to complex challenges, design high
performance goals, develop the accountabilities to achieve them, and establish the systems
to track and reinforce their progress. He draws upon systems thinking, communications, and
human dynamics expertise to deliver distinctive leadership and organizational change

Tom advises in aerospace and defense, banking, civic, construction, education, energy,
entrepreneurial, healthcare and biomedical, insurance, legal, manufacturing, military,
pharmaceutical, retail consumer goods, and telecommunications domains as well as the
public sector. He designs leadership development and large-scale change initiatives
–including strategic diversity investments, synergy assessments, team-building, competency
modeling, and executive-level consultation.

As coach and consultant to senior leadership, Tom reinvigorates the perspective and energy
of seasoned executives, accelerates the integration process for new ones, and counsels
leaders to address the problems and challenges that would have otherwise derailed their
careers. Tom adopts a wide variety of assessment methodologies to focus change efforts
–while leveraging real world feedback processes as well as considerable academic,
business, and organizational experience to provide the most effective insight and advice.

A licensed psychologist, Tom graduated cum laude from Harvard University; earned his M.A.
and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Michigan; and completed post-doctoral mass
media and conflict resolution study at the University of Pennsylvania/Annenberg School of

Tom’s career spans 35+ years –as college professor, health and mental health systems
manager, psychotherapist, leadership coach, and organizational advisor. His faculty
affiliations include: The University of Michigan, Temple University, The University of
Pennsylvania, Antioch College, Goddard College, Department of Psychiatry/Thomas
Jefferson University, and Family Medicine/Medical University of South Carolina.

Tom is married, the father of 5 adult children, and grandfather to 7. Tom is an avid, lifelong
learner: He travels globally for cross-cultural study and exchange, has coached adolescent
basketball, speaks Spanish and Swahili, plays tenor saxophone, and mentors rising

Email: tgordon@tagaconsulting.com


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